June 2024

In the month of May, an important agreement was signed between No Limits and the Accademia del Lusso. Inside the Academy, which boasts a prestigious accreditation from the MIUR (Ministry of Education), innovative No Limits products will be conceived and developed. These new projects will fully embrace the universe of fashion, fusing creativity, style and technology in cutting-edge solutions. The Academy presents itself as a dynamic and cutting-edge laboratory, where students and industry professionals can collaborate and experiment with revolutionary ideas. Here, attention to detail and the incessant search for perfection materialize in creations that know no boundaries, revolutionizing trends and anticipating the needs of the global market. The interdisciplinary approach and the stimulating environment favor innovation and excellence, making each product unique and capable of representing a real turning point in the contemporary fashion panorama. The Academy not only trains new talents, but becomes a point of reference for the entire