The history of 'No Limits'

A history of more than thirty years, breaking down every limit of the human being, alongside extraordinary athletes who have given life to legendary feats.

1990 – 2000 Birth and explosion of the “NO LIMITS” world

1990 – The birth of the brand

– The birth of the brand is the result of the brilliant idea of ​​its owner and creator, the Cavaliere del Lavoro Filippo Giardiello, an entrepreneur in the world of watchmaking for 4 or four generations, creator of the Sector brand, who to give propulsive force and relaunch his own Sector brand , supports him with the support of “No Limits”.
– The very happy choice of Cavalier Giardiello was precisely to link the brand to the newborn world of extreme sports, riding the wave of what the marketers of the nineties called “standardization of the concept of adventure”. After all, the philosophy underlying these new disciplines could well have been expressed precisely with the expression “no limits”, directly evoking a strong belief in creating a company that seeks its own limits.

– The “No Limits ®” trademark was registered with the Italian Patent and Trademark Office on 21.5.1990 (Italian registration no. 534918, subject to renewal on 18.5.2000), in product class 14 (watchmaking).
– A few months later it is made the subject of a new application at the UIBM for product classes nos. 3 (cosmetics and perfumery), 9 (scientific, nautical, geodetic apparatus and instruments), 16 (paper, cardboard, stationery, printed matter, photographs, adhesives), 18 (leather and hides), 21 (tools and containers for the home), 24 (fabrics and textiles), 25 (clothing), 34 (tobacco and items for smokers).

1991 – Birth of the magazine “No Limits World”

– In the 1991/1992 season the Cav. Cavalier Giardiello founds the magazine “No Limits World”, whose first edition is 100,000 copies.
– The magazine is published for 10 successive years until September 2001, not only in Italy but also in the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Spain, Greece, Japan and Brazil.
– The branding activity and the success of the magazine, whose subtitle was “the only magazine of the extreme”, are so successful that the “No Limits ®” brand becomes by definition the identifying sign of those who practice extreme sports and those who generally dedicates his life to a constant search for overcoming his own limits.

– The magazine attracts young sportsmen who wish to carry out their events. Many of them become members of the “No Limits Team” and the main actors of the incredible and exciting photographic and cinematographic material that today constitutes the “Library No Limits”
– For the creation of the epic sporting events that were the origin and forerunners of extreme sports, Cavalier Giardiello creates the Sport Marketing division within his company structure, made up of five people and investing an average amount every year of € 2,500,000 per year for the cinematographic creation of the events and for the sponsorship of the athletes.
– the “Library No Limits” consists, to date, of 1,866 (one thousand eight hundred and sixty-six) films on various media (35mm, 8mm, U-Matic, Beta, Mini DV, VHS) equal to 8000 hours of footage and about 15000 photographs.

1991 – Birth of the “No Limits Team”

– The “No Limits Team” included athletes dedicated to the practice of extreme sports, for which the sporting gesture is both the means and the end of their action; researchers, explorers and even archaeologists have shared extreme projects of approach to life, sport, scientific and technological research and for which the comparison with the extreme is essential to collect data, testimonies and experiences that would otherwise be difficult to obtain.

– The athletes of the Team have demonstrated through their feats how much the human being is able to improve himself and how it is essential to know each other intimately in order to achieve important goals. In addition to physical training that has never been neglected, each undertaking required an even greater mental commitment.

– For all those who shared this philosophy, “No Limits” and the immeasurable wealth of ideas, experiences, sensations and thoughts generated by the team to which it gave its name, have become a sure point of reference.

Among the best known athletes of the “No Limits Team” we remember:

Patrick De Gayardon: extreme paratrooper, base-jumper, sky-surfer, inventor of the wingspan, athlete whose protagonist will certainly be remembered events such as the jump from the highest waterfall in the world (Salto Angel, Venezuela , 979 m of altitude difference), or the jump, by helicopter, in the natural cavity of Sotanos De Las Golondrinas, in Mexico (368 m deep and 49 to 62 m wide) and the unforgettable launch and horizontal flight in the Grand Canyon with the suit wing;

Hans Kammerlander: one of the strongest mountaineers of the eighties and nineties, with the ascent without supplementary oxygen of thirteen of the fourteen eight thousand, including most of them solo. He was the first man to ski down from the top of Nanga Parbat (summer 1990) and Everest (May 24, 1996), the latter after having climbed it from the north side, without oxygen cylinders and alone, over time unbeaten record of 16 hours and 45 minutes He made the first absolute ski descents of Nanga Parbat in 1990 and Everest in 1996.

Gerard D’Aboville: athlete whose solitary rowing crossing of the Pacific Ocean is remembered.

Börge Ousland: mountaineer, protagonist of various polar explorations on foot and alone;

Mike Horn: champion of hydro-speed, downhill discipline in streams and waterfalls, the only man to circumnavigate the globe alone, even on foot and at zero latitude;

Guy Delage: the only athlete whose solitary swim across the Atlantic Ocean is remembered;

Victoria Murden: the only female athlete to have rowed the Atlantic Ocean;

Umberto Pellizzari: freediver, holder of various depth world records.

Angelo D’Arrigo: Italian aviator and hang glider who achieves memorable feats alongside his fellow travelers: an eagle, a crane and a condor.
– In 2001 he flew over the Sahara and the Mediterranean Sea following the route of the migratory hawks.
– In 2002 he made his hang-gliding crossing over Siberia and saw d’Arrigo driving a flock of Siberian cranes, endangered species, born in captivity, for 5,300 km, thus reintroducing them into their natural habitat.
– In 2004 he flies over Everest with a Nepalese eagle, another world record.

Maurizio Montalbini: Speleonaut, the only man to have lived for 365 days in space-time isolation in a laboratory built inside a cave.

Angelo and Alfredo Castiglioni: Discoverers and explorers of the ruins of the city of Berenice Pancrisia, the “city of gold” in the Eastern Nubian Desert.

Carla Perrotti: the only woman in the world to have walked alone in the Kahalari (Africa) and Taklamakan (China) Deserts.

Manu Bertin: inventor of kite-surfing and the only athlete who has successfully crossed the entire Atlantic Ocean with this aid.

Viviane Wegrath: extreme paratrooper, base jumper, the only woman to have landed on the mouth of the snow-covered volcano Villarica, in Chile, and to have descended it on a snowboard.

1992/1995 – Explosion of the “No Limits” world

– In the years immediately following the magazine, the “No Limits Books” series was born, all published by Sperling and Kupfer Editori, among which we mention the following:
“Challenging oneself” published in 1993,
“Extreme Objective” published in 1994
“Irresistible Extreme” published in 1995.
“The Abyss in one breath” published in 1992
“The Pacific Ocean with oars” published in 1992
– The periodical “No Limits Way” is also born, sold together with the magazine.
– Patrick De Gayardon created the “Salto Angel” and “Record” events in 1992 (the first absolute jump from 11,700 meters without oxygen “and in 1993 the” Sotano “event.
– The free climber Maurizio Zanolla (alias “Manolo”) climbs the Pale di San Martino in the Dolomites in 1992 with only his own hands
– The base jumpers Mark Hewitt & Carl Newton in 1994 realize the Base Jump event traveling across the United States, launching from structures such as antennas, bridges, skyscrapers.
– Umberto Pelizzari, world champion of deep freediving, realizes “Umberto” where he celebrates the depth record in variable weight – 101 meters
– Andre Pierre Rhem and Jerome Ruby, created the first extreme snowboard event “Snowboard” in 1994, tackling descents never faced before on Mont Blanc with the surfboard

1993 – The “No Limits Center” sports centers are born

As an immediate effect of the explosion of the No Limits world, numerous sports centers are born which, distinguished by the Brand, begin to spread the essence and values ​​of the Brand among the world of sportspeople.

– Cortina No Limits Center Adrenaline – Cortina D’Ampezzo
– No Limits Center Vertical Adventures – Valle D’Aosta
– No Limits Center Mountain Experience – Chieti
– No Limits Center Skidiving – Nettuno-Rome, Reggio Emilia
– No Limits Center Mediterraneo – Santa Teresa di Gallura
– No Limits Etna Center – Catania

– No Limits Aktive Center – Schwangau (Germany)
– No Limits Center Crested Butte – Colorado (USA)
– No Limits Center Outdoor Activity – Verbier (Switzerland)
– No Limits Center Skydive Deland – Florida (USA)

1994/1996 – No Limits on TV

– No Limits realizes the first and its own television program entitled “NO LIMITS World”, broadcast between 1994 and 1996 on the Telemontecarlo broadcaster (now La 7)
– Subsequently, a mini-section dedicated to No Limits products was created within the program NOT ONLY FASHION, between the years 1995 and 1997 broadcast on Canale 5 -Mediaset. ”
– From that moment on, many collaborations were defined with the most well-known broadcasters and television channels including the English BBC, the German DSF, the Swedish JVT, National Geographic Channel, Mediaset (as will be highlighted in 2004)

1996 – The world of Sportswear is born

– The “No Limits” brand enters the technical sportswear sector, in a first phase, creating and directly marketing its collections.
– Subsequently, to cope with the increase in volumes and product demand, No Limits signs an important license agreement for the production, distribution and marketing of “No Limits” clothing in Italy and Europe.
– For every single year, two collections are created, Spring / Summer and Autumn Winter.
– The materials that are used in the realization of the technical garments are at the forefront, because the garments are designed and created in collaboration with the athletes of the No Limits Team, and because they are tested and used by the same athletes in the realization of the epic events shown above . These collections, designed by great designers, were shown to the public twice a year with great fashion shows featuring the well-known actress and presenter Natalia Estrada as female testimonials.
– This Company-Athlete combination will be constant for all clothing collections and also for accessories (technical and otherwise) that will be created by the licensees of the No Limits brand. The ownership of the brand, with a view to consistency and absolute quality of its products, has always collaborated and constantly followed its licensees, managing to create with them the values ​​of a brand that has remained alive and still present in the consumer today.

1996 – The “No Limits Stores” sales network is born

The “No Limits” garments and accessories are sold throughout Europe through their exclusive distributors and, in Italy, through their own single-brand stores located in:

– Rome

– Milan

– Cortina d’Ampezzo

– Courmayeur

– Ponte di Legno

1997 – No Limits lands in the United States

– No Limits grants, in September 1997 and to the television broadcaster “Showtime”, the No Limits trademark for the telecommunications and cultural entertainment sector.
– The collaboration lasts until 2005 and brings the “No Limits” brand into the homes of Americans.

1998 – 2001 No Limits and the world of cars

The No Limits world also attracts the big car manufacturers
– In July 1998, a special series of the Land Rover Defender called “No Limits” was created. This is a limited edition with exclusive design alloy wheels and oversized tires, front and rear anti-roll bars and a canvas sunroof.
– In December 2001, Ford also combined its own brand with the strength of No Limits, producing the limited series of the Ford “Ranger No Limits”, a pick-up for lovers of wild and unspoiled nature.

1999 – Licensing and diffusion of the Brand

– No Limits through production and commercial licenses expands into multiple commodity and product classes, to be used to distinguish among the many, a line of eyewear, one of watches, one of school items (notebooks, cases, diaries) and one of the most varied accessories (shoes, hats, backpacks, bags, tracksuits and running clothing).

– This activity continues and then expands to the promotional sector with collaborations with the most important oil companies and primary GDO realities.

– Among the stipulated contracts are mentioned:

. Allison

. Cartorama

. Siport

. Compagnia dell’Abbigliamento

. Ford Italy

. Tucano Viaggi

. Q8 Petroleum Italy

. Total


. Wind Telecomunicazioni

Do you want to license the brand?

2000 – 2010 Brand awareness and success on the market

2001 – The “Duca degli Abruzzi” expedition to the North Pole

– No Limits takes part as technical sponsor in the great expedition to the North Pole “Duca Degli Abruzzi”. The group, made up of thirty people, including Mike Bongiorno, Monsignor Andreatta, Amedeo d ‘Aosta, Hans Kammerlander travels for six days on the drifting ice and on skis towards the North Pole.
– Upon arrival at the North Pole, Monsignor Liberio Andreatta celebrates Mass and plants the Cross, blessed for the occasion by John Paul II.
– Aimone Savoia Aosta, son of the Duke of Aosta Amedeo, lays down the ice ax which had been used by the Duke of Abruzzi and which had never reached the Pole.

2002- 2005 – No Limits: successes and fame and notoriety of the brand

– In 2002 No Limits wins its battle against Puma before the Advertising Self-Discipline Jury (dispute 249/02). In the provision issued at the end of the procedure, the IAP affirmed that it is “undeniable that today the expression” No Limits “has a real identifying value, even more well-founded than the one already existing in 1990, after the intense promotional activity carried out and extensively documented by the instant societies over the past twelve years “.
– In 2005, the Advertising Self-Regulatory Jury, in the 215/05 dispute (No Limits against Wind Telecomunicazioni S.p.a), found that art. 13, paragraph 2 of the CAP (which prohibits “any exploitation of the name, brand, reputation and corporate image of others, if intended to derive an unjustified profit for oneself”) the use by Wind Telecomunicazioni S.p.a. of the expression “happy no limit” to distinguish a telephone service promoted with a famous commercial starring Fiorello and Mike Bongiorno. Wind advertising ends immediately.
– From that moment until 2014 the No Limits brand, in class 38 (Telecommunications and Services), was granted to Wind Telecomunicazioni S.p.A. licensed.
– The intense activity developed around the “No Limits ®” brand has led the latter to enjoy such fame and reputation as to allow it to rise to ultramerceological protection released from the principle of relativity.
– The “No Limits ®” brand has in fact been the subject of a huge branding and merchandising activity over time, capable of developing in the consumer’s perception the appreciation of “No Limits ®” products as a set of values ​​that represent a specific image and philosophy and which, once this reputation has been achieved, transcend the same association with the single product.

2003 – 2004 No Limits: communication and visibility

– In 2003 the advertising campaign “NO LIMITS The official sponsor of dreams” was launched.

– In 2004, the television program called “No Limits Reality” was produced in 50 episodes, broadcast since November on the satellite schedule of Mediaset S.p.a., Mediadigit circuit, channel called “Duel”, the result of a collaboration between No Limits and the same Mediaset S.p.a. and concerning the most beautiful feats of the athletes of the No Limits Team.

– In the years 2003/2004 and 2004/2005, the first sporting event dedicated to the extreme within everyone’s reach was held in Rome, named for the occasion “Rome No Limits”.

2004 – No Limits “Global Gilet” is born

– The No Limits Lab Design, the creative structure of No Limits, designs and manufactures “Global Gilet” the only “sleeveless” with built-in trousers, hood and sleeves.
– The “Global Vest” can easily be transformed from a sleeveless to a full-body suit in the event of sudden changes in climate. The external shield is made of ultra-resistant fiber capable of guaranteeing maximum protection and thermal insulation. The interior is made of natural down. Whether you are in an urban environment aboard a motorcycle, or you are immersed in nature, this No Limits garment can be used without sleeves, but in a few seconds it is possible to activate the three different levels of protection (hood, sleeves and legs) inserted in the “Global Vest”, to ensure complete protection of the whole body.

2005 – No Limits reaches 27.8% notoriety among consumers

– In 2005 No Limits commissioned Eurisko to study and verify its reputation, also in comparison with similar brands and / or competitors.

– The result is exciting: out of the sample of the total number of interviewees, 27.8% had full perception of the brand

2006 – No Limits relaunches watchmaking

– No Limits creates its new collection of watches called “Vampire”.
– Vampire by NoLimits, in 16 different versions was officially presented during the international fair in Basel: with a decidedly sporty style, made with Swiss movement, steel case and silicone strap for the basic model, then declined in the “IBP” version ( Iron Plated Black) with the special black plating of some parts of the case and in the “Special Edition” version with fully plated case and dial in carbon fiber and sapphire crystal.
– No Limits Vampire was initially distributed in Italy in 200 points of sale.

2007 – Co-branding No Limits and Tendence

– “No Limits Lab Design”, in co-branding with the new Tendence brand, also created and invented by the Cavaliere Del Lavoro Filippo Giardiello, creates a new collection of trendy and young watches: three lines of aggressive and seductive watches beyond above all fashion: LILLIPUT 25 mm of charm, color and design, GULLIVER, its opposite in size, but the same in performance and BUBBLE pure patented technology that thanks to the use of liquid silicone can resist up to 30 atmospheres in just 50 grams of weight.
– The Tendence No Limits world is cutting-edge technology, provocative precision design and ironic sensuality. Fun and unusual channels were chosen for the launch, including a TV campaign with an ironic and provocative TV commercial, a communication dictated by the ever-increasing need to approach difficult-to-conquer targets, such as the young and trendy one.
– The new Tendence No Limits brand was created to approach a younger and more trendy target group.
– The result is shocking and uncontrollable: the Tendence brand, thanks to the contribution of No Limits, reaches 2000 points of sale and 50 distributors worldwide in less than 5 years.

2010 – 2017: NO LIMITS – NEW LIMITS

2012 – No Limits International SA

The Cavaliere del Lavoro Filippo Giardiello creates No Limits International Investments SA, the company that collects all the legacy, the history of the Brand and the associated communication world, together with the development of the “No Limits Lab Design”.

2015 – The notoriety persists after 10 years

– A new notoriety research conducted by GFK in April 2015 shows that, out of the total number of interviewees, the perception of the brand is confirmed by as many as 115 people.
– If we want to compare the number of those who remembered the brand today, compared to those who remembered it in 2005, there is a confirmation of knowledge of the brand equal to 41.37%

2015 – New Limits – No Limits

– It is from this new pay-off and concept that the challenge and the path of No Limits starts.
– No Limits gets even closer to the world of nature, highlighting its current state and retracing its evolutionary path, with its strengths and weaknesses, reinterpreting the historical and most significant events that were made at the time and that the athletes saw of the No Limits Team in contact with a nature that today is no longer what it used to be.
– The message of No Limits is strong, like all the previous ones: “Man in contact with nature and for nature is worth more than any technology”.


In 2022, the No Limits brand is sold to young entrepreneurs who continue in the wake of the past, relaunching both event sponsorships and, above all, the LICENSING of this prestigious brand.

In addition, an application for expansion is submitted for the following other categories:

– 20 Furniture and furnishings

– 28 Exercise Equipment

– 29 Food Products (Snacks etc.)

– 30 Coffee, pods and confectionery products

– 32 Drinks

– 35 Advertising

– 38 Telephony services

– 39 Transport Services

– 41 Training Courses

– 42 Programs and Software

The logic will take you
from A to B.

The imagination will
take you everywhere.
The one who follows
the crowd it will never
go again away from
the crowd.

The one who goes alone
It will more likely be
will find in places where
no one has ever arrived.
Mind is like
a parachute.

It just works
if it opens.
There is a driving force
stronger than steam,
electricity and
atomic energy.

The will.
Those who say
it's impossible
shouldn't bother
those who are
making it.
Everyone knows that
it is impossible to achieve,
until a fool arrives
who does not know
and invents it.