The four souls No Limits


Because No Limits is a lifestyle and a positive and sporting message, to be worn with style.

Dedicated to the producers of:

  • Casual dress
  • Textile accessories
  • Footwear


No Limits is also the world of objects.


Dedicated to:

  • Business sponsorship
  • Extreme sports equipment

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    The logic will take you
    from A to B.

    The imagination will
    take you everywhere.
    The one who follows
    the crowd it will never
    go again away from
    the crowd.

    The one who goes alone
    It will more likely be
    will find in places where
    no one has ever arrived.
    Mind is like
    a parachute.

    It just works
    if it opens.
    There is a driving force
    stronger than steam,
    electricity and
    atomic energy.

    The will.
    Those who say
    it's impossible
    shouldn't bother
    those who are
    making it.
    Everyone knows that
    it is impossible to achieve,
    until a fool arrives
    who does not know
    and invents it.